Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Eerie Orange Harvest Moon
Ever calling me
Beckons children to the sea
Creates God’s brilliant night light
Enigmatic orb
Haunted perhaps
It matters not to this poet’s soul
How it fascinates me so
Perhaps someday I shall go…….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Madison Alabama
Startled by the alarm clock
Not usually one to be startled
An incredible dream
I’ll share it with you now
It was very late at night
I was cruising in a strange sedan across Mobile Bay
Golden and shiny like Halloween Glitter
Bob Marley blaring
I AM and i
The Bay Way Tunnel in the distance
Heading for a Convention
The boring 3 day kind
My last gig was still in charge back then
Corporate Babylon calling
“One good thing about music….when it hits….you feel no pain”
As I approached the orb entrance
Sweet Port City in my sights
Massive doors blocked my path
The garage door type
The flipping tunnel was closed Man
Not one to dally on quick decisions….I gunned it
Smashing through the forbidden access
I awoke to law enforcements finest
Was quickly whisked away in handcuffs
To our Corporate Headquarters
Not a scratch on me
So many questions flying
I can’t make out their words
Just music………beautiful music
My colleagues and business leaders surrounded me
Defending me
Coming quickly to my aid
Attorneys and Politicians huddled
I was released after the fine was paid
$2,600.00 for the door
What about the car I asked
They gave me the usual “Bill you’re crazy” look
I was escorted to a long black limo
As I pulled away from the scene I was suddenly stopped again
The very same group of lawmen
They informed me that Gwen
(Gwen knows who she is) 
No need to dig up old Scottsboro dirt
Had also rammed the door with the company pick-up truck
They handed me the bill for her fun
$14K and some change
Apparently the entire engine fell to the ground in a heap
It was at this very moment I awoke
I’ve no idea the meaning of this dream
But good job Gwenny……….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

From a very dear friend..........

"I don't know a soul who's not been battered, I don't have a friend who feels at ease...I don't know a dream that's not been shattered, or driven to its knees. But I'm alright...I'm alright. Just weary to my bones. Still, when I think of the road we traveled on I wonder what's gone wrong. I can't help but I wonder what'...s gone wrong"~

Paul Simon

Friday, October 29, 2010


Long distance relationship
Cerebral Chess Match
In the very loosest of terms
I'm baffled and intrigued
Why I cling to your ghost
Lean towards you the most
As if you are truly real
This question perplexes me so
Perhaps I’m quite daft
To follow you so blindly
Or simply insane
For not letting go
I sure would like to know
At times you dodge me like a bullet
Then other times you hold me so closely
That I can feel your pounding heart
As if I would break
Chords that make me weep in artistic joy
I have so many questions
Those require truthful answers
I deem you precious in these aging eyes
Have no earthly idea why
Just know it to be true
You’re a package deal my muse
For what it’s worth, I’d have it no other way
Your blessings are alms to me as well
I already love them as mine
Children…..ALL CHILDREN are blessings
My mind swirls around discovery
And your certain way out and upward
Fifty one years of art
So close to fruition
Still so very far away
I'll never play games with your head dear Muse
Such is childish play
EVERY word I lay on your alter it so real
But to walk with me on this journey
You must have the proper mindset
Ready to drop all things ill man-made
Like lights out and smoking in the dark
Empty Fridge
What do the babies eat?
Life’s creature comforts
When cowards flee from their responsibilities
To me my dear
“Disruption” to your children
Is to leave them stuck in this vicious circle
I have no clue where that honed mind of yours now lurks
I’ve already tipped you my hand
If it's truly time to say goodbye
To your brilliant and melodic muse
Know that my heart shall shatter
It may not even matter
But my deepest thoughts see it differently
Far from the selfishness trip
The gilded, greedy kind
My how I wish I knew you better
For never has this opportunity come knocking so clearly
Patiently I wait until I can wait no more
Then you've already glimpsed the end of the story.........

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

"Approve or not...It's cool with me...The words have eyes...So you can see"... (C) Bill Grimes Jr. 2008


Afghani Farmer
Mule and his tool
Meager living scratched
Razor sharp bleed
Purple nectar oozing
His wheat crop sucked this year
Drug Lords ease his family’s fear
Pipelines to Iran
Billions swapping hands
Hypocrites scoff at the documentary
As they abruptly step around
The unconscious junkie on their hometown street
The right wing war on drugs
Political thugs
Our prisons bulging
From Mother Nature’s “crime”
So people WTF?
You sincerely believe in zero tolerance
In this world of back room deals
Criminals run stop signs daily
Then pop caps between innocent eyes
Baby thugs arise
This comes as no surprise
The Great Compromise……….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010


Peaceful synergy
Goal of noble intention
Yet so exploited
Raped by the powers that be
With no humility
If God Almighty had in mind
That we annihilate one another viciously
So irreverently
Then the Book of Revelation would be a farce
I believe
Trust me my friends
We ain’t seen nothing yet………

© Bill Grimes Jr 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Friends and passers by
Come to and fro so quickly
Few and far between
Some grow a bond unseen
One borne of mutual respect
Artistic longing
I found you precious muse
Centuries ago…….
Or so it suddenly seems
Esoteric dreams
Perhaps we are not destined to blend
But know this in the end
You have touched me beyond words
I miss you dearly
Perhaps I always will……..

© Bill Grimes Jr.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sliding down a hill of contemplation
Deepest meditation
Wayward consternation
To conquer insignificance
Feat of deft precision
Taking it all in
With a big picture focus
Individual steps
Personal relationships
Lifelong friendships
Eye to eye sincerity
That cannot be exploited
Such a lovely change
From mortal selfishness………..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Friday, October 08, 2010


Dripping colors
Drifting sand
The chase is getting out of hand
Such is life in Neverland
So close to comatose
So far from a balanced dose
A sacred place to be
Especially for me
Ancient tale of destiny
Spiritual balance
Social nonchalance
Echo of melodic chords in C
Rhythmic Rasta riffs
Executive stiffs
Beautiful muse of mystery
I have no expectations
No doubts of where I’ve been
Or where it all begins
Just know it’s always been here
Flowing words are crystal clear
Especially when she is near………..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Saturday, October 02, 2010


It truly seems like yesterday
My precious baby gurl
Showed me how to live a better way
Twenty one years ago today
She and I together
Adventures and sweet memories
Tears well in my eyes
As my heart warmly sees
Sacred gift from God is she
My reason to be
So proud to be her Dad
Through the good times and the bad
Hardly worthy
Yet oh so blessed
As we grow
Our family
My heart belongs to her
Always has
Always will
In awe of her still
After 21 sweet years…….

© Dad 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I KNOW A CAT NAMED CANINE (A song in a Rasta Riff)

Not sleeping
Yet so wired
Insomniac dream state
Incredibly tired

Futuristic blind spot
Imperfectly flawed
Going through the motions
Enthusiasm stalled

To conquer death
We die
Leaving those we love
To search and wonder why

Words of contradiction
Acts that reek of lies
Society sedated
Lifeless mirrored eyes

Junkies crave escape
Legal or submerged
Fleeing from the pain
Following the urge

I know a cat named “Canine”
In the vein of Genghis Kahn
My moneys’ on the Dog Man
When it’s time to get it on


Gliding through the mainstream
Drifting past decay
Focused on my children
Each digressing day

Train to Machu Pichu
Flight to Montreal
Wandering across the globe
Answering His call

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

DROWSY STARE (A wake up song)

You smiled at me….so sweetly
You thought I didn’t see
Melancholy moment
The cost of being free

Re-sign my lease you say
You slipped it in my door today
Due one month ago
I’ll sign it anyway

Stomp your feet and dance around
Joyful noise….rocking sound
Eclectic Bron Yr Aur
England’s royal sound

Castles made of gilded ego
The IRS man wants to know
“Is it legal servant?”
“So much cash to blow”

You snort it up your nose
While ripping off your clothes
Heartbeat a blazing
Soon….heaven knows

Weary from the treadmill
False frontal goodwill
To win no longer interests me
Nor fiat dollar bills

Come join me if you dare
Learn how to care
Sincerely give a damn
Forsake the drowsy stare

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


Speak to me sweet Muse
Whisper in my thirsty ear
Show that you never left me
Have always hovered near
I need you now my loving inspiration
Guide my shaking pen
To flowing soliloquy
Warm harmony
The way it’s meant to be
As only you can see with me……..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Theme of inconsistence
Unreasonable insistence
Common misconceptions
That evil can’t jump fences
Balance comes and goes
Hesitation grows
Does anybody know?
Why common sense has passed us by?
Melodic peace of mind
Sincere attempt at being truly kind
Twisted to rewind
Despite the public incantations
Incredibly tired
Yet wired
Tossed about as sea foam
Misty breeze of salty tears
Full circle goes the myth
Storied monolith
Towering presence
Enigmatic purpose
Subliminal blitz
Blasting our minds to bits
Drive by politics
Such arrogant pricks
Masked dirty tricks
Our leaders
First bought then caught
Dishonorable intentions
Too numerous to mention
So it slowly goes
Spiritual repose
As 2010 stumbles onward
Nights of fear are here
Day of truth is near

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Yet no one heard her scream
Not even the demon
Spineless fiend that pushed her
Wasted naiveté
Innocence lost
Just another news flash
As the darkness closes in
The streets we walk
A minefield
Extreme danger lurks
Beneath every step
To look down is to die
For the light is above
Grace beyond reason
Holy love
Far beyond our human intellect
His gift of life is free
Sheer emancipation
To all who take His hand

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Shooting sprees
Bullet riddled trees
Drive by arcade
You smugly think you’ve got it made
Hey you with the gun
My sincere advice to you
Just don’t miss young killer
I have no fear of such
My grave has not been dug
For you see
You’re just another thug to me
Forty caliber, chrome plated
Fifty caliber chainsaw
Ambush by cowardice
Macho ignorance
Mere earthly nuisance
Today I walk in the light
Jesus guides my way
He died by brutal savagery
Nails driven through His flesh
NOTHING your punk ass can bring
Disrupts this magical day
You’re just a fleeting star
False allegiance sworn
To the one tossed from the heavens
Banished from Gods throne
No, you’re not alone
Far too many more of you shall come
Following your blindness
My message is to you
Don’t dare avoid my stare
For you see......I still care
It’s not too late to change
Yes… know who you are………

© Bill Grimes Jr 2010


Blasting through the drama
Blatant rhetoric
Still we stumble on
Ever seeking clarity
Dodging mass disparity
Struggling with our sanity
Bullets ripping flesh
Like rain drops dot dry concrete
Eyes grow cold and black
It’s compassion that we lack
As the darkness crushes inward
No point in hopeless grief my friends
The answer has been given
Spiritually driven
And found within our hearts
It’s up to us to start
Loving unconditionally
Path to blessed peace
Do you have ears to hear?????????

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010


Societies rise and fall
A curtain call
Toast to things that might have been
Touch and go relationships
We kill each other with ease
Fast food disease
Adventures with our CIA
The rules have changed
As we blindly play
True soul connections
A rarity indeed
My aging mind
Drifts to the days of “Cosmic Debris”
Frank Zappa’s wisdom
“Is that a real poncho or a Sears’s poncho?”
Life was so simple then
Andy Warhol’s astral plane
Edie’s tragedy
Best friends with Mary Jane
Chemical vortex
I can’t say I miss this era
In fact, I barely remember
Holding out for my lifeline
I’ve had myself a good time
Made so many blunders along the way
And live to smile another day
Such is survival
In the year 2010
Possibly the end
Or a sign to do it all again

“Cosmic Debris” lyrics by Frank Zappa © 1974

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Seductive ways
And power plays
Life goes on
Yet another day
I really should slow down my speeding brain
Synapse firing snippets
Bombard me constantly
But this I know dear reader
Bored as hell I’ll be
Without the search for perfect symmetry
Flaccid feeling
Change of heart
Shattered essence
Faded art
Light years apart
I still cherish beauty
Higher consciousness
May I never lose this gift
In today’s spiritual drift

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010


Her exuberance
Quite inspiring
As she shares her Godly gift
Alas Bill she says
“I may drown in Gods holy splendor”
Every glimpse a post card
Every breathtaking moment
A crafted miracle
She ponders how I know her
I was born to give her hope
Help guide her through minefields of earthly ego
Her pain
Strummed by insensitive fingers
Plucking her heart like a string
Still she overcomes
Despite the shards of broken glass
Shattered soul infection
That permeates her loving heart
A victim of narcissistic greed
She deserves so much better
As she slowly journey’s upward
Her crystal eyes
Firmly focused on the light
Intimate emotion
Such a beautiful thing
So often we withdraw from the flame
Recoil as the bang of life erupts
My how I admire her tenacity
Artistic intelligence
May she always find sheer joy
Peace beyond her wildest dreams
My tender cherished friend

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

VANITY (A song about Gods Grace)

Living life is Rehab
Not a TV Show
Holy buzz addiction
Its own subtle high
Lately I have noticed
My dreams of death aren’t nightmares
Yet the sweetest dreams of all
Deepest questions answered
Spiritual release
For I have finally found true peace
Not always satisfaction
But genuine serenity
As my body grows old
My many years of fleeing
Gods loving grace
Arrogantly trying
To control my destiny
Now I am free
The root of my unhappiness
Today I drift unfettered
His holy tide engulfs me
The good times and the bad ones
They are all now good to me
I pen this song to share
My gratitude to Christ
Such wisdom and love gained
As I follow Him each day
He is the only way………

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


To my beloved children, my family, countless loved ones, cherished friends, admired and trusted colleagues, and all who call me friend…….I have been writing this piece for several years. Tonight I am meant to give it life and share with you all. It will be published after I share a copy with you all. Please do not read any negativity or darkness into these words. God gave me every one of these thoughtful, deeply pondered, and well crafted words to share with you at this very moment in time. He is the Master……..I am but the servant…………Take from this what you need and pass it on……I love and revere you all……and I always will………..

Some say I am a word man
Then a word man I shall be
I am also my Mother’s son
My Father’s pride and joy
His sacred reason to be
Now I understand
The sacrifice
The love
Generations bring it
Pristine, radiant, and new
And blessed from God above
I tried my hand at husband
Failed twice….and quite miserably
My life is for my children
Now MY reason to be
My world belongs to you
Sarah, Will, Jordan, Mike, and young Tripp
I love you with all I have
And I always will
I long to be a good Brother
To my Sister’s Lisa and Les
Good kindred to my kin
My love for you is endless
And where I leave off…..
You shall continue or begin………
To live to be a thousand years
Is just a day to me
My work here…
To leave a legacy
Life is a celebration
As with deathly urns
Filled with many twisting turns
Eyes firmly on His light
Shall soothe the many wrong turns
(My Children and beloved Nephews and Cousins….this is especially for you)
Songs don’t always have to rhyme
Some words simply must be said
So say them children
And yes… grown ones……SAY THEM!
Then carry on your way and make your mark
With them safely out of your head
Gods precious thoughts don’t belong stuck in our heads
They are meant for all His children
Resulting in beautiful art as God has destined you (us) all to share……..
This humble gift I leave you now
Is from my grateful heart to yours
Should it be my last this round
There shall be many more to come
From God’s green earth or upon Heavens shore

I love you all more than I could ever possibly show you. This gift I pray endures many generations to come……….give them a taste of what this age 51 and quirky man-child is all about……


Bill Grimes Jr. 2010 (C)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


You have it
You give it
Soon you love it
As you live it……….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010


Ever dreamed you’d wake up late
Cheating fate
Grew beyond the urge to wait
Sweet freedom
Such a high price now
We all know the secret how
To toss it all behind us
Bum head rush
Not knowing precisely who to trust
A must
For such a lengthy run
Time has only just begun
Our eyes
Firmly focused
On The Holy One

© Bill Grimes Jr.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We seek what never was
Pure intensity
Dense poor judgment
Along the trail we failed
To focus on the light
Darkness siren call
Tempting us to fall
Sweet perfume of truth
Eden flowers bloom
The journey in our head
Whispers to the dead
To see with eyelids shut
Finely tuned sense of touch
Secret to it all
Simple role of faith
Forsake the urge to crawl
Stand divinely tall
Only by His GRACE……….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

IT NEVER REALLY WAS (A song about the times)

Glass and steel
Fortress built on tensile will
Train’s a coming
Hell to pay
Can’t put it off another day
Gaza looming
It’s going down
Such buoyant smack
She’s lost her crown
Freedom is as freedom does
Without peace
It really never was
Still I dig it
Yes I see
Hope found in humility

(Once there was a way
To see beyond the gloom (CHORUS)
Now the haze of fear
As shadows bring the doom)

Good luck mindless droids
For it is written
You shall need it
Supernatural victory
It bleeds it
Hunks of fiery metal
Plucked from the darkened sky
By His mighty angels
Magog crash and burn
Some shall never learn
Pilgrims seeking Daniel
His Book of prophecy
There for our comfort
Joy and misery
Mighty mushroom clouds
Damascus lay in ruin
With the poets I shall share
Task of my lifetime
Historic chance to spit the truth
To a fearful worldwide audience
Let the show begin……..

© Bill Grimes Jr 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Tiny Sparrow
Gently perched
Upon razor wire
Complicated anarchy
Such power lurks within
Fortress prison walls
Comes at a price my friend
Be it service to our country
Or payment of a errant debt
To give the devil his due
So easy to be trapped
Sucked into this evil vortex
Only one way out
Flight from angel’s wings
Holy gift from God above
Ordained in reverent love
And found upon humble knees

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

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