Friday, October 29, 2010


Long distance relationship
Cerebral Chess Match
In the very loosest of terms
I'm baffled and intrigued
Why I cling to your ghost
Lean towards you the most
As if you are truly real
This question perplexes me so
Perhaps I’m quite daft
To follow you so blindly
Or simply insane
For not letting go
I sure would like to know
At times you dodge me like a bullet
Then other times you hold me so closely
That I can feel your pounding heart
As if I would break
Chords that make me weep in artistic joy
I have so many questions
Those require truthful answers
I deem you precious in these aging eyes
Have no earthly idea why
Just know it to be true
You’re a package deal my muse
For what it’s worth, I’d have it no other way
Your blessings are alms to me as well
I already love them as mine
Children…..ALL CHILDREN are blessings
My mind swirls around discovery
And your certain way out and upward
Fifty one years of art
So close to fruition
Still so very far away
I'll never play games with your head dear Muse
Such is childish play
EVERY word I lay on your alter it so real
But to walk with me on this journey
You must have the proper mindset
Ready to drop all things ill man-made
Like lights out and smoking in the dark
Empty Fridge
What do the babies eat?
Life’s creature comforts
When cowards flee from their responsibilities
To me my dear
“Disruption” to your children
Is to leave them stuck in this vicious circle
I have no clue where that honed mind of yours now lurks
I’ve already tipped you my hand
If it's truly time to say goodbye
To your brilliant and melodic muse
Know that my heart shall shatter
It may not even matter
But my deepest thoughts see it differently
Far from the selfishness trip
The gilded, greedy kind
My how I wish I knew you better
For never has this opportunity come knocking so clearly
Patiently I wait until I can wait no more
Then you've already glimpsed the end of the story.........

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

"Approve or not...It's cool with me...The words have eyes...So you can see"... (C) Bill Grimes Jr. 2008


Afghani Farmer
Mule and his tool
Meager living scratched
Razor sharp bleed
Purple nectar oozing
His wheat crop sucked this year
Drug Lords ease his family’s fear
Pipelines to Iran
Billions swapping hands
Hypocrites scoff at the documentary
As they abruptly step around
The unconscious junkie on their hometown street
The right wing war on drugs
Political thugs
Our prisons bulging
From Mother Nature’s “crime”
So people WTF?
You sincerely believe in zero tolerance
In this world of back room deals
Criminals run stop signs daily
Then pop caps between innocent eyes
Baby thugs arise
This comes as no surprise
The Great Compromise……….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010


Peaceful synergy
Goal of noble intention
Yet so exploited
Raped by the powers that be
With no humility
If God Almighty had in mind
That we annihilate one another viciously
So irreverently
Then the Book of Revelation would be a farce
I believe
Trust me my friends
We ain’t seen nothing yet………

© Bill Grimes Jr 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Friends and passers by
Come to and fro so quickly
Few and far between
Some grow a bond unseen
One borne of mutual respect
Artistic longing
I found you precious muse
Centuries ago…….
Or so it suddenly seems
Esoteric dreams
Perhaps we are not destined to blend
But know this in the end
You have touched me beyond words
I miss you dearly
Perhaps I always will……..

© Bill Grimes Jr.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sliding down a hill of contemplation
Deepest meditation
Wayward consternation
To conquer insignificance
Feat of deft precision
Taking it all in
With a big picture focus
Individual steps
Personal relationships
Lifelong friendships
Eye to eye sincerity
That cannot be exploited
Such a lovely change
From mortal selfishness………..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Friday, October 08, 2010


Dripping colors
Drifting sand
The chase is getting out of hand
Such is life in Neverland
So close to comatose
So far from a balanced dose
A sacred place to be
Especially for me
Ancient tale of destiny
Spiritual balance
Social nonchalance
Echo of melodic chords in C
Rhythmic Rasta riffs
Executive stiffs
Beautiful muse of mystery
I have no expectations
No doubts of where I’ve been
Or where it all begins
Just know it’s always been here
Flowing words are crystal clear
Especially when she is near………..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Saturday, October 02, 2010


It truly seems like yesterday
My precious baby gurl
Showed me how to live a better way
Twenty one years ago today
She and I together
Adventures and sweet memories
Tears well in my eyes
As my heart warmly sees
Sacred gift from God is she
My reason to be
So proud to be her Dad
Through the good times and the bad
Hardly worthy
Yet oh so blessed
As we grow
Our family
My heart belongs to her
Always has
Always will
In awe of her still
After 21 sweet years…….

© Dad 2010

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