Sunday, July 26, 2009


A clown cries on the inside
I’m guilty of the same
Living in the deep end
Tripping to a different tune indeed
At times
Victim of my own naivety
Gullible some will say
Trusting nonetheless
I’ve trudged through the fire
Been forced to drink theatrics
Tiptoed through social minefields
Wallowed in self pity
Called hell on earth my home
Please don’t ask me how
I’ll share it with you now
Such drama
Only drags me down
Time to lose the frown
Numb from false mechanics
Bewildered by the lies
Blunt paranoia
Shared by all us puppets
Still I dig the bass line
Ripping guitar riffs
It’s all about the groove
Music is my fix
My soul still comes alive with every beat
Friends with smiling eyes
They fascinate me so
Dancing with sincerity
Penetrating love
Thought of major focus
Anxiously I wait
His holy paradise
On the other side
God’s master plan
I’m scarred beyond recognition
Certainly soiled
Then gently rebuilt
Crafted in His precious image
It’s hard for me to fathom
Such unconditional grace
After all the bad I’ve done
Quite simple in verity
He saved me from myself
In His loving arms I’ll stay
Thank you Father
Thank you…….

John 15:5 (King James Version)
5I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009


Stormed the gates of heaven
Passed out
At the very gates of hell
Lived to tell about it
Gods grace thus far
My how I remember
Blowing chunks
Grooving to Grand Funk
Sweet taste of simplicity
Teenage obligations
Financial insecurity
Mississippi’s finest
Red Barn dollar draft
Milk jug pure
Boiled shrimp
Midnight fast food runs
Bayou water skiing
Among the cotton mouths
Old Mozart’s boat
I jackknifed his trailer
Just a hair more sober than he
Smiling as he cussed
Petit Bois Island
Reeling in the blue fish
Mosquito Pterodactyls
Bombing with the sand fleas
Sleeping under the stars
Dreaming of conditioned air
Red Hot Chicken
Friday Night Football
Pizza time at Shakey’s
Drunken Winter Formals
Trusty flask of Jim Beam
Greg decked that poor dude
Quick right hook
Straight into the urinal
Old faithful
The Grey Ghost
Eight Track tunes
I mastered the stick shift
Cruising with a clutch
My bitter nemesis
Such a giant world
Beyond Mobile Bay
Chess King Bell bottoms
Matching mood ring
Cold Bud at Fandango
Water turned to wine
As did stale urine
Behind the blue dumpster
Sand filled seaweed
Johnnie Winter riffs
Hot Tropics magic
Suburban existence
Ripping up the lip
Wiki Tan aroma
BLAB TV with Hound Dog
Young Tony Hawk
Slipping him some beers
What the hell said Tina?
“You’re crazy Billy Ray”
Buckets filled with rain
I love the rain my friends
Altered state of mind
Dreaming of the good old daze
Doesn’t bring them back
Still I’m pressing on
Rising from the dead again
Despite my brokenness
I’m grateful evermore
Kicking down the hidden door
Another lonely nocturne
My aging soul
Burns for completion

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009


5:44 am
Thunder clouds
Rock the peaceful stillness
July 4th has come and gone
Burnt paper aftermath
Wishing I could sleep
I guess I’ll write instead
Tried my hand at manhood
The child within still struggles
Dominating moodiness
Clinging to false hope
My thoughts reflect confusion
Painful destiny
Wicked current
Burning intellect
Social disconnect
My shame burns so deeply
Such stark bewilderment
Daily futile visit
My inbox
Still empty
Your art of no reply
No longer reason why
If I’m not stimulated
Boredom simply rots me
Forced to grow each day
Or find another way
I’ve pulled away so many times
Only to be picked apart by guilt
I don’t know what to say
Never dreamed it would be this way
Shoot me now
Or drown me in your silence
It matters not to me
My eyes no longer see
This head shall soon explode
Surely split in two
I have no fear of death
But shall not force its hand
My focus
On true love
She’s screwed me every time
Dejection blows
I’m living proof
It rips away your mind
Leaves you weak and fetal
Survived to witness wonder
Died a thousand times
Wallowed in my misery
Crafted clever lines
Dancing on the outskirts of neurosis
Yet knowing the gist of right from wrong
My laughter has succumbed
No more tears to shed
I’ve got to quit this shit
No good can ever come from it
No longer willing to pretend
I crave numbing solace
Reached my bitter end
Or possibly
Steeping in dejection
So many of you know me
Understand my gnawing need
To deal in brutal verity
Despite the awkward aftermath
Come this far on guts
I wish I were a coward
My urge
To withdraw
Travel deep within
Forsake the pantomime
Curl up with my prose
My how I love you girl
If only things were different
No blood is on your hands
For I’m the harlequin
No one else to blame
True love
A vicious game

© Bill Grimes Jr 2009

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