Saturday, January 29, 2011


In tattered reams
Storied tales
Shattered dreams
Proverbs strewn across the floor
They just don’t give a damn anymore
A blatant violation
Of social expectation
It is what it is my friend
Beneath the fabrication
False legislation
My motives I suppose
To force a rise from you
Painted plastic grin
Perhaps it’s peaceful in your skin
Forgive me if I doubt it
Can’t you see?
You cannot fake sincerity
Gaping holes
Decaying minds
Mental illness
Such horrid finds
May my steps defy your logic
In subtle mystery
Someday perhaps you’ll find it
The way it’s meant to be
Fabricated morals
Lessons of deceit
Pointed innuendos
Forever incomplete

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Reams of schemes
Such dusty dreams
Friends that make me smile
My life has been adventure
No time for “might have beens”
These days I serve the Master
Highest holy grace
My goal is so simple
To see His brilliant face
If you only knew
NO WAY am I Godlike
Yet still I venture upward
Blessings flow each day
My prayer
That all shall find Him soon
I’m blessed… because He found me
No longer am I lost
I have so much to say
Father God
Mighty Yahweh
Intimate companion
My ultimate friend
When my time signals “END”
Only then shall I begin……..

© Bill Grimes Jr 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ian is a “Wolf child”
The Cult
His ticket punched
I am a man-child
Survived 51 years
Yet still a boy inside
Not seeking to hide
Enjoying the ride
Life is fascinating
So exhilarating
Constantly creating
My Lord has blessed me richly
No way do I deserve
Still grateful for my alms
Complete submission
Vast discipleship
I nod my head in prayer
Sincere attempt and real humility
His gift of life is free
Even for a wicked wretch like me
My job is crystal clear
To share His grace so dear
Every day
Every way
And no one turned away
Spiritual day
Our Saviors blessed majesty
I see my sweet Lord
My soul is yours forever more
Thank you Father
For such joy and praises
Thy will shall always conquer
In your Holy Name

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2011

I AM and i ISBN# 1-4241-0749-0

I AM and i  ISBN# 1-4241-0749-0
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