Thursday, June 27, 2013


Don’t care about finding Hoffa

Don’t care about Pakistan

Don’t care about crass philosophy

I’m tired of it....Man

Don’t care about social graces

Don’t care about DNA

Don’t care about secret places

That no one understands

Don’t care about intuition

Don’t care about politics

Don’t care about mass confusion

That strangles this dark land

Don’t care about poet critics

Don’t care about plastic fame

Don’t care about fiat currency

World dominance, so lame

Don’t care about mass media

But I damn sure dig the BLUES

I stray from "World News"

Focus on my hearts art

Don’t care about imitation

Don’t care about muted pride

Vain mediocrity

Today.... I died inside

Don’t care about what you think of me

Don’t care about what you think you see

Don’t care about none of this

Well rhymed consistency

Don’t care about tomorrow

Don’t focus on yesterday

Don’t care about immortality

As you clearly hear me say

I care about the words

I care about deep peace

I care about the music

Emotional release

I care about my children

My loved ones, closest friends

Almighty GOD above

Why my words still flow today

I care about AGAPE

I care about HIS sheep

I care about eye contact

Perpetual sleep

Say what you will

Think what you must

Stay, or walk away

It’s OK..........

(C) Bill Grimes Jr. 2013









Wednesday, June 05, 2013



I honor Chris

My cell mate

In a hall of silent screams

True Visionary

Painter of dreams

Artistic Dionysius

My Brother

In our time of crisis

Complete inspiration

Soothing me

As I wallowed in desperation

Fleeting transformation

Such deep amalgamation

The kind

Only Warriors endure

Then swallow




So surreal

Thank you from my deepest vein


For your art

Your pain

Your unique window pane


A child of GOD

Age 54

Still seeking



Still peeking

Thru dark

Forbidden doors

Once I truly bled

Screaming clarity



Pain from fake humanity

Has knocked me to the floor

This day

I don’t care no more

About social bullshit

The silly reasons for it

Prim and proper ways

I’m so often


Extremely dismayed

The bitter sting

Of being played


For others joy


Sacrificial toy

This life

Was once so beautiful


Unbridled hope


A hangman’s rope

Transcendental dope

Any form of rhetoric

That insults my inner light

Looks down on arts creation

Promotes a violent nation


This hopeless sensation

So deep within my being

Simply poison my friends

Has no place in my world

That rapidly moves on

Far beyond

The moon

The stars

The sun


I shall wander once again

The unknown

Has always intrigued me so

Beckons me to follow

I will miss you

My sacred friends

Beloved ones

My trip

Has just begun

My earnest goal

To have some genuine fun

Along this narrow path

Forever etched

Securely in my soul

Most of you

Will never understand

This fierce fire within me

And that’s OK

The reasons for my prose

The subtle flame

That star that lights my way

For in the end

It’s not about you are me


The reward is inner peace

Emotional release


May I always flow it clearly


May you always do the same

Because you simply must

And I smile..........

(C) Bill Grimes Jr. 2013




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