Sunday, September 26, 2010

I KNOW A CAT NAMED CANINE (A song in a Rasta Riff)

Not sleeping
Yet so wired
Insomniac dream state
Incredibly tired

Futuristic blind spot
Imperfectly flawed
Going through the motions
Enthusiasm stalled

To conquer death
We die
Leaving those we love
To search and wonder why

Words of contradiction
Acts that reek of lies
Society sedated
Lifeless mirrored eyes

Junkies crave escape
Legal or submerged
Fleeing from the pain
Following the urge

I know a cat named “Canine”
In the vein of Genghis Kahn
My moneys’ on the Dog Man
When it’s time to get it on


Gliding through the mainstream
Drifting past decay
Focused on my children
Each digressing day

Train to Machu Pichu
Flight to Montreal
Wandering across the globe
Answering His call

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

DROWSY STARE (A wake up song)

You smiled at me….so sweetly
You thought I didn’t see
Melancholy moment
The cost of being free

Re-sign my lease you say
You slipped it in my door today
Due one month ago
I’ll sign it anyway

Stomp your feet and dance around
Joyful noise….rocking sound
Eclectic Bron Yr Aur
England’s royal sound

Castles made of gilded ego
The IRS man wants to know
“Is it legal servant?”
“So much cash to blow”

You snort it up your nose
While ripping off your clothes
Heartbeat a blazing
Soon….heaven knows

Weary from the treadmill
False frontal goodwill
To win no longer interests me
Nor fiat dollar bills

Come join me if you dare
Learn how to care
Sincerely give a damn
Forsake the drowsy stare

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


Speak to me sweet Muse
Whisper in my thirsty ear
Show that you never left me
Have always hovered near
I need you now my loving inspiration
Guide my shaking pen
To flowing soliloquy
Warm harmony
The way it’s meant to be
As only you can see with me……..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Theme of inconsistence
Unreasonable insistence
Common misconceptions
That evil can’t jump fences
Balance comes and goes
Hesitation grows
Does anybody know?
Why common sense has passed us by?
Melodic peace of mind
Sincere attempt at being truly kind
Twisted to rewind
Despite the public incantations
Incredibly tired
Yet wired
Tossed about as sea foam
Misty breeze of salty tears
Full circle goes the myth
Storied monolith
Towering presence
Enigmatic purpose
Subliminal blitz
Blasting our minds to bits
Drive by politics
Such arrogant pricks
Masked dirty tricks
Our leaders
First bought then caught
Dishonorable intentions
Too numerous to mention
So it slowly goes
Spiritual repose
As 2010 stumbles onward
Nights of fear are here
Day of truth is near

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Yet no one heard her scream
Not even the demon
Spineless fiend that pushed her
Wasted naiveté
Innocence lost
Just another news flash
As the darkness closes in
The streets we walk
A minefield
Extreme danger lurks
Beneath every step
To look down is to die
For the light is above
Grace beyond reason
Holy love
Far beyond our human intellect
His gift of life is free
Sheer emancipation
To all who take His hand

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Shooting sprees
Bullet riddled trees
Drive by arcade
You smugly think you’ve got it made
Hey you with the gun
My sincere advice to you
Just don’t miss young killer
I have no fear of such
My grave has not been dug
For you see
You’re just another thug to me
Forty caliber, chrome plated
Fifty caliber chainsaw
Ambush by cowardice
Macho ignorance
Mere earthly nuisance
Today I walk in the light
Jesus guides my way
He died by brutal savagery
Nails driven through His flesh
NOTHING your punk ass can bring
Disrupts this magical day
You’re just a fleeting star
False allegiance sworn
To the one tossed from the heavens
Banished from Gods throne
No, you’re not alone
Far too many more of you shall come
Following your blindness
My message is to you
Don’t dare avoid my stare
For you see......I still care
It’s not too late to change
Yes… know who you are………

© Bill Grimes Jr 2010


Blasting through the drama
Blatant rhetoric
Still we stumble on
Ever seeking clarity
Dodging mass disparity
Struggling with our sanity
Bullets ripping flesh
Like rain drops dot dry concrete
Eyes grow cold and black
It’s compassion that we lack
As the darkness crushes inward
No point in hopeless grief my friends
The answer has been given
Spiritually driven
And found within our hearts
It’s up to us to start
Loving unconditionally
Path to blessed peace
Do you have ears to hear?????????

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010


Societies rise and fall
A curtain call
Toast to things that might have been
Touch and go relationships
We kill each other with ease
Fast food disease
Adventures with our CIA
The rules have changed
As we blindly play
True soul connections
A rarity indeed
My aging mind
Drifts to the days of “Cosmic Debris”
Frank Zappa’s wisdom
“Is that a real poncho or a Sears’s poncho?”
Life was so simple then
Andy Warhol’s astral plane
Edie’s tragedy
Best friends with Mary Jane
Chemical vortex
I can’t say I miss this era
In fact, I barely remember
Holding out for my lifeline
I’ve had myself a good time
Made so many blunders along the way
And live to smile another day
Such is survival
In the year 2010
Possibly the end
Or a sign to do it all again

“Cosmic Debris” lyrics by Frank Zappa © 1974

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

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