Sunday, October 30, 2011


Lawrence Kansas
Home of the Jayhawks
Rick, black soil
Of coal tinted cornfields
A few miles east of Lecompton
Territorial Capitol
Pioneer Plains dreams
Pale faced schemes
National Guard convoy
Slowly make their way
To their next taxpayer assignment
On this crisp autumn day
More road construction
Leavenworth log jam
It’s irritating
But necessary
To safely transport
Our children’s future children
Iron Maiden trilogy
Compliments the brilliant golden leaves
Welcome back McRib
Even if our time is limited
I missed you my old friend
Fabled Tonganoxie
Your noble history
Disturbed by more impatient drivers
Yet another stupid fuck
Far too immature
To operate a pick-up truck
Ramrod insanity
Ballistic tailgate mindset
Chill out spastic boy child
Lasso those adolescent hormones
You’ll get there
As your trip is done
Try to have some fun
Soak up this beautiful landscape
Take a few deep breaths
Before you contribute
To yet another
Unnecessary Highway death
Toll Plaza exits
A novel taxing scheme
No worries Kansas Commonwealth
I gladly donate
To your turnpike action plan
A well spent $2.50
For safe and well groomed
Rustic Kaw Valley roads
A woodsman’s wet dream
Close to Bonner Springs
Where outdoor freedom rings…..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2011


October 29th, 2011
6:30PM CST
My bones ache
My spirit
Simply tired
Two months of roaming
Still inspired
Arthritic atrophy
Chemical synapse
Defensive walls collapse
Thumping pain
Cross wired
Anxious to arrive
Wherever I am meant to be
A steady place to lay my head at night
Holiday Inn Express
Columbia, TN
A temporary cloud
Squeaky clean oasis
Shelter from the storm
Excellent value
For this weary road warrior
Running low on currency
No permanent domicile
Karma perhaps
I’ve closed my eyes on two consecutive nights
In towns named Columbia
Last night in Missouri
Tonight in Tennessee
Earning my wayward stripes
My wanderer credentials
Logged 8,708 odometer clicks
In 60 whirlwind days
Homeless vagabond
A Seeker’s yonder gaze
The stare that has no focus
No laser beam close up
Always staring blankly
Searching for a trusted focal point
From last chance Gas Stations
To convenient Burger joints
Where sanitary restrooms
Rule the Atlas jungle
Sweet smiling faces
Shine like Batman’s beam
Thank you Holy Jesus Christ
For unique kindred souls
You place within my path
Who nurture human trust
Inspire my upward thrust
Your mystifying ways
Shall always be the topic of my song
The lightning in my smile
The passion in my prose
God knows……..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2011


Pine Bluffs Wyoming
Gas pumps in the nick of time
Stretching out on fumes
Speed warp evaporation
Lovely Native Lady
Her brilliant smile
Like the big sky
I find myself lost in
Her eyes dance
Sincere hospitality
Her impact on this weary nomad
Most appreciated
“No money in your pocket and your jeans are torn”
“Your hands are cold but your lips are warm”
Dire Straits conundrum
Homage to being homeless
Following your heart
Conquers all
I can dig it…..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Almighty God
He fills my thirsty soul
With toe tapping music
This morning’s fine example
Sly and his Stone Family
Woodstock magic moment
Day 2
Rhythmically seducing
The soiled Hippie Tribe
Half a million strong
United by a song
“I’m gonna add a little guitar”
“Make it easy to move your feet”
Synchronized soul rhythm
Rocking magic trance
They all got up to dance
Violet Sunglasses
Body heat Aura
“Way up on the hill this time ya'll”
“Wanna take you HIGHER"
Trumpets raised to boogie lips
Snapping off incredible concert grooves
Hip to chest moves
Peace sign salute
Life giving water
Feeds my minstrel roots
I am grateful…….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


October 25th 2011
10:00AM MDT
A stone’s throw from Laramie Wyoming
When I owned a rocket arm
East bound
Cruise control engaged
Guilty of extreme intoxication
While driving through a postcard
Snowcapped mountain splendor
Soulful Sanitarium
Treating me
For corporate devastation
Point blank summation
Acute penetration
Fog copulation
Such a gentle caress
From low hung liquid clouds
Frozen silver mist
A brief pit stop
30th Street Exxon
Another thirsty tankful
85 Octane
A Diet Mountain Dew
Propers to the righteous cashier
A young man
Maybe 20
Hospitable Brother
I saw God swimming in his friendly eyes
Grateful for his kindness
Impressed by his sincerity
More importantly
His addition to my permanent clan
Our Coat of Arms
Easily recognized
“You will know us by our love”
Saved by Holy grace
His glowing smile upon our face
A part of Him
In all He calls His children

© 10-25-2011 Bill Grimes Jr.


Wednesday Oct. 26, 2011
Trip of self-discovery
Obliged inward emphasis
Just outside of Limon Colorado
A beautiful snowfall
Virgin white
Falling gently on my jacketless shoulder
I am genuinely enamored
Grateful for this stunning frosty gift
Clutch on the aging CD player
Thunder bass ripping
Jamming hard near Kit Carson
His icy western mansion
Few Pilgrims venture out
On the frozen roads
They hunker down instead
Ride out the blizzard fun inside
I choose to ride
Traveler’s pride
In this time of uncertainty
I’m seeing who my friends truly are
Both near
And from afar
I sincerely thank you all
From the depths of my soul
As I push the Buick eastward
Enjoying God’s country
Bovina Colorado
Villanova Junction
One of Jimi’s finest instrumentals
I wink at the Pink Cadillac
Perched atop a sturdy steel pole
Flagler’s finest Diner
So I am told
As the blinding snowfall thins
SuddenlyI see
A herd of black cattle
Each with white midsections
As if they were hand painted
A puzzling surprise
Definitely a first
For these curious eyes
I-70 East
Mile marker64
Somewhere in snowy Kansas
Home to the world’s largest Prairie Dog
Weighing in
A hefty 8,000 pounds
Roommate to a five legged Steer
Assorted Rattle Snakes
Now THAT’S entertainment
“I used to lover her”
“But I had to kill her”
You’re a hoot
A top shelf Maestro
Of the Gibson Les Paul
Further down I-70
Mile Marker 266
BTO a blasting
As loud as I can stand it
“Let it roll”
“Down the highway”
An old familiar chill
My most trusted companion
Dancing down my spine
The cell phone rings
Above the rock and roll
A Friday interview
A blessing indeed
Come on Kansas City
I’ll be honored
To call you my new home
Suspend my jobless roam
And I smile
In gracious reflection…..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2011

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