Monday, June 23, 2008


Wispy foam
Lucent waves
Emerald green
Gently lap
Upon the lagoon shore
Massive sea turtles
Non aggressive guides
Glide effortlessly
Through their liquid playground
Two Gentleman Realtors
Both extremely wealthy
Post hurricane construction
Politely they discuss
Local politics
Over stout chicory coffee
Sweet rustic pastries
To my sudden appearance
I tour the magical island
On the back of a furry white mongrel
In silence
He directs our journey
With deft programmed precision
Surreal sand dunes
Virgin sugar
Mighty windswept slopes
Flowing sea oats
Clear memories from my childhood
Before the winds of change
Blazing noonday sun
Burns my fair skin
Lost in time am I
Proudly displays her new beach home
Children play peacefully
On the shiny hardwood floor
“I had to sell my jewelry”
Her somber tone
She wrapped her arms around my waist
I say nothing
Large social gathering in progress
Bright Florida room
Alive with festive energy
Wings of war
Thunder from the distant runway
Sonic booms
In rhythm with the Reggae band
Stranger in this exotic paradise
Yet I know it intimately
From such frequent visions
Strange eccentric guests
Greet me with kindness
Plasticized graciousness
Eclectic polished pleasantries
I smile
My canine stallion gallops onward
Ominous black clouds
Roiling fast from the east
“We shall ride the storm out here” she said
Her soft kiss goodbye
Still wet upon my cheek
We both know
Never shall we meet again
I shall remember always
Graceful fear
Glowing in her hazel eyes
Mountainous wall of water
Crashing down
Upon the peaceful seaside village
Gone in a matter of seconds
Lifetime of mystical existence
Flotsam and jetsam
All that remains for future generations
Sadly I awoke
Thus ends this trippy dream
One cold October morning
In these times of stark significance

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2006

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Visceral speculation
Controlled perceptual chaos
Swirling thoughts of calculated reason
Who I am
Where my path has led me
Spiritual crescendo
Poetic intensity
Draws me deeply inward
Self discovery
Basking in His brilliant holy light
Blinding me
Since I was old enough to understand
Not of this world
Never have been
Merely passing through
Eternal mystic journey
So many fail to grasp
Mysterious demeanor
Soul offering
For all the world to see
No secrets
Hidden agendas
Filled with Holy Spirit
Saved by Godly grace
Such a beautiful thing
As society grows more complicated
Inner peace I seek
Clinging to sweet Jesus Christ
The only way I comprehend
Life one day at a time
I pray for all to share His love
Absorb Him like a sponge
So delightful is the journey
Everlasting high
His triumphant return draws nigh
Exactly as it is written
Be ever watchful children
Shine thy radiance with zeal
Share His brilliant glory
With all who shall listen
As destiny arrives

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2006

Monday, June 09, 2008


Edgar said “I’m lonely”
Brandy said “me too”
“I think I’ve lost my vision”
“And I don’t know what to do”

Life on coffee
Bleary mornings
No regrets

Dopamine shuffle
Liquor slurred
Fried synapse
Wounded bird

His missing rib
Such brittle wings
Her sultry smile
Gold nose ring

He needed her
Just wanted her to know
The chance slipped through his fingers
Sleepless nights ago

“He’s the only one for me”
Precedes her painful pause
Searching for forever
Overlook the flaws

Glazed disposition
Crown of matted hair
Tender soul a rotting
Stark despair

Mean streets
So fucking cold
Minutes seem like hours
Teenage eyes grow old

Jungle steeped in evil
Consciousness evades
“Survival but a choice”
Says the Queen of Spades

Thirst to feel
Not merely see
No time left for sad goodbyes
He wandered aimlessly

Reckless Altar Boy
Lacerated prey
White Horse overdose
He tried too hard that day

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2008

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