Thursday, January 05, 2012


December 29th
Screaming toward a Mayan precipice
As dooms day banter
Reaches a crescendo
I’m flowing ever upward
My mind
Forever set to God’s time
On ripping out my rhymes
Pre disposed
As fond reflection
Washes over me
Internal revelry
On this topsy turvy day
Gale force winds
80 knots and ripping
Golden Colorado
Rocky Mountain high
The view from my spatial vantage point
Still stuns me
After 52 hard years
Melancholy tears
Esoteric fears
Snow dusted peaks
Distinct nasal hemorrhage
Arthritic skeleton
My stiff day
Finally done
My schedule is ass backward
Grave yard shift I tend
Six long nights a week
Earning my earthly keep
Euphoric shits and giggles
Corporate grind intensity
Ethical proclivity
Job security
Altitude sickness
No longer just a theory
Reality indeed
Labored breathing
Light head
Nose bleeds
For this aging hippie man-child
My emotions
Running wild
Such is life this day
I see no other way
Than to simply be……

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2012

I AM and i ISBN# 1-4241-0749-0

I AM and i  ISBN# 1-4241-0749-0
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