Thursday, September 24, 2009


Lame proportions
So often fails to mirror
Buried fantasy
Seeing things
Not as they appear to be
But as they really are……

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Alarm clock screams
Startled from a pleasant dream
I urinate
Ponder why I never question fate
Coffee brewing
Smelling good
Suddenly I realize
Those risks I dare not take
I should….
Life is short amigo
This earthly one at least
His love
True bread of life
Soulful yeast
The ultimate release……..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Time must pass
This I know
I don’t care about its passage
Never have my friends
Most likely
I never will
Boredom is my nemesis
Conceptual disillusion
Inconsequential factors
Beyond the ambience
A tick past regretful
Seems so intrusive
For I have no fear of death
Nor Satan’s kicking breath
It’s me I battle daily
Clinging to ghosts of yesterday
Melancholy passion play
No room for loss of balance
Perched atop a razor blade of chance
I sleep in increments
Dream so vividly
Foster deep thoughts of romance
Practice acts of kindness
The key
Deepest part of me
So it shall be…….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


I wrote this song for you
Although I must have dreamed you
Still I am amazed
You have no eyes
For me to analyze
Perhaps a shade of blue

A tale of you and me
Delicious fantasy
Yet saturated
With uncertainty

True love is worth the fight
On this lonely autumn night
A long…. long time……

Is my soul prepared?
For the sacrifice required
Are you sincere?
The ONE that I desire?

Unconscious suffering
Intellectual bleed
Hope within my brain
Why are you my need?

Experiment in pain
Attraction surreal
Inadvertent mind games
Such rhythm…
Still I feel

Wishing things were different
Things shall all work out
Yet knowing better Linda
My mind floods with doubt

Don’t toy with me dear lady
Coax me down a path that leads to nowhere
For I’m a dreamer too
Much farther gone than you

A bitch indeed
When it offers no completion
Whether chemical distraction
Or simply mental illness
Screaming for reaction

Closure is an open door
Despite the social dance
Courage to step through it
One never truly knows
If it’s our last chance…….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Astute observations
Life as I perceive it
Matters not
To those who don’t believe
It simply touches me
In ways I’ll never fully comprehend
To deeply connect
The focus of my journey
Social fixation
Has never meant a shit
Vanity is a curse
False pretense
Only fools graze in such pastures
Secrets are a cancer
So much worse
The toughest road in life
Regardless of consequence
Forsaking public opinion
The only true path to freedom
So be it…..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009


I pray you find him Mel
The man who adores you
As I always have
Gazes upon you
When you aren’t looking
As if you will break
Fondly nestled
His hands upon your belly
Pulls you so close to him
Just to feel you breathing peacefully
So deeply in love with your spirit
So attracted to your soft and supple touch
Enamored by your tender sweet lips
Genuinely satisfied
To simply BE
Forever by your side………

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I AM and i  ISBN# 1-4241-0749-0
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