Wednesday, July 28, 2010


To my beloved children, my family, countless loved ones, cherished friends, admired and trusted colleagues, and all who call me friend…….I have been writing this piece for several years. Tonight I am meant to give it life and share with you all. It will be published after I share a copy with you all. Please do not read any negativity or darkness into these words. God gave me every one of these thoughtful, deeply pondered, and well crafted words to share with you at this very moment in time. He is the Master……..I am but the servant…………Take from this what you need and pass it on……I love and revere you all……and I always will………..

Some say I am a word man
Then a word man I shall be
I am also my Mother’s son
My Father’s pride and joy
His sacred reason to be
Now I understand
The sacrifice
The love
Generations bring it
Pristine, radiant, and new
And blessed from God above
I tried my hand at husband
Failed twice….and quite miserably
My life is for my children
Now MY reason to be
My world belongs to you
Sarah, Will, Jordan, Mike, and young Tripp
I love you with all I have
And I always will
I long to be a good Brother
To my Sister’s Lisa and Les
Good kindred to my kin
My love for you is endless
And where I leave off…..
You shall continue or begin………
To live to be a thousand years
Is just a day to me
My work here…
To leave a legacy
Life is a celebration
As with deathly urns
Filled with many twisting turns
Eyes firmly on His light
Shall soothe the many wrong turns
(My Children and beloved Nephews and Cousins….this is especially for you)
Songs don’t always have to rhyme
Some words simply must be said
So say them children
And yes… grown ones……SAY THEM!
Then carry on your way and make your mark
With them safely out of your head
Gods precious thoughts don’t belong stuck in our heads
They are meant for all His children
Resulting in beautiful art as God has destined you (us) all to share……..
This humble gift I leave you now
Is from my grateful heart to yours
Should it be my last this round
There shall be many more to come
From God’s green earth or upon Heavens shore

I love you all more than I could ever possibly show you. This gift I pray endures many generations to come……….give them a taste of what this age 51 and quirky man-child is all about……


Bill Grimes Jr. 2010 (C)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


You have it
You give it
Soon you love it
As you live it……….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010


Ever dreamed you’d wake up late
Cheating fate
Grew beyond the urge to wait
Sweet freedom
Such a high price now
We all know the secret how
To toss it all behind us
Bum head rush
Not knowing precisely who to trust
A must
For such a lengthy run
Time has only just begun
Our eyes
Firmly focused
On The Holy One

© Bill Grimes Jr.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We seek what never was
Pure intensity
Dense poor judgment
Along the trail we failed
To focus on the light
Darkness siren call
Tempting us to fall
Sweet perfume of truth
Eden flowers bloom
The journey in our head
Whispers to the dead
To see with eyelids shut
Finely tuned sense of touch
Secret to it all
Simple role of faith
Forsake the urge to crawl
Stand divinely tall
Only by His GRACE……….

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

IT NEVER REALLY WAS (A song about the times)

Glass and steel
Fortress built on tensile will
Train’s a coming
Hell to pay
Can’t put it off another day
Gaza looming
It’s going down
Such buoyant smack
She’s lost her crown
Freedom is as freedom does
Without peace
It really never was
Still I dig it
Yes I see
Hope found in humility

(Once there was a way
To see beyond the gloom (CHORUS)
Now the haze of fear
As shadows bring the doom)

Good luck mindless droids
For it is written
You shall need it
Supernatural victory
It bleeds it
Hunks of fiery metal
Plucked from the darkened sky
By His mighty angels
Magog crash and burn
Some shall never learn
Pilgrims seeking Daniel
His Book of prophecy
There for our comfort
Joy and misery
Mighty mushroom clouds
Damascus lay in ruin
With the poets I shall share
Task of my lifetime
Historic chance to spit the truth
To a fearful worldwide audience
Let the show begin……..

© Bill Grimes Jr 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Tiny Sparrow
Gently perched
Upon razor wire
Complicated anarchy
Such power lurks within
Fortress prison walls
Comes at a price my friend
Be it service to our country
Or payment of a errant debt
To give the devil his due
So easy to be trapped
Sucked into this evil vortex
Only one way out
Flight from angel’s wings
Holy gift from God above
Ordained in reverent love
And found upon humble knees

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2010

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