Sunday, April 29, 2012


Word man manifesto
“Band of Gypsys” statement
Guitar celebration
Genius innovation
To Be
Or fade away
Constantly seeking
Another perfect day
Solace from the fray
Of making that money
Sweet mountain honey
The horrible cost
Losing myself
Bread and butter sustenance
Rotting on the shelf
April 29th, 2012
I dare to deeply delve
Courage of dissection
Earnest reflection
From the bitching rhythm section
That prances down my spine
This day I stand before you
With nothing left to prove
To share this great resolve
No pardon shall I ever beg of anyone
Who vociferously disapprove
Turn their snotty noses skyward
In obvious disgust
Shallow minded mis trust
Opiniated rust
With blatant criticism
After arrogant
Cross examination
Of my poetic regurgitation
Blackened soul liberation
If my words disturb you deeply
Don’t read them
Did you hear me?
Do not read them
You simply do not need them
I must bleed them
In soul purging freedom
My art
Needs no crass endorsement
From any Mothers Son
Celestial ascent
Has finally begun
Rapidly advancing to the sun
As it’s searing brilliance
Bows to the waxing blood red moon
Not a moment too soon
I have increasing difficulty
Taking anyone
Who can’t hear the scream of a butterfly
As it explodes upon a slick
Polished windshield
Of a $50K automobile
Those who shall never know
The mystical sound of one hand clapping
It’s always been about soul to me
It truly doesn’t matter
If you cannot see
My artistic revelry
Home grown chivalry
Core sensitivity
Blind, deaf, and dumb
I shall never be
I grow more distant by the moment
From the false corporate snapshot
Relentlessly bombarding
My atrophied senses
Of Madison Avenue Puppet Masters
Shadow soldier killers
Who create global disaster
Every evening on the 9pm News
Please don’t be amazed
That I stray from the herd
My strength
Comes from my words
At times
A bit absurd
How I choose it to be
Flopping erratically
Like a wounded love bird
Crashing fatally
Into polished ego glass
53 years of hard grinding
Continually seeking
Never finding
True harmony
So carefully
Crafting metaphors
To replace the primal screams
Futile nevermore
So meticulously
Penning literary reams
Of chronological extremes
I flow it
As I feel it
For he who feels it
Knows it
A true
Avant Garde artist
Dares to expose his raw nerves
No gimmicks
No photo shop
No cautious reserve
Time to bring this home
I wish I had a better epilogue
It is what it simply is
Powerful fatigue
Symptom of my roam
HIS peace
May you all find sweet release
On our intrinsic journey home
And I smile………

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Seasoned locals
Fondly known as “Crackers”
Call them “Square Grouper”
Buoyant bales indeed
Salty seaweed
Quite affordable
Staple of the Woodstock Generation
Hippie Culture Nation
When $35.00 U.S.
Could buy a garbage bag
No exaggeration
Pungent smoke libation
Neptune’s favored bounty
Alms from the sea
Found bobbing lazily
In the Gulf of Mexico
Miles of dense Mangroves
Due west of Everglades City
A sacred place
Home to 10,000 Islands
A smugglers wet dream
My mind drifts to 1977
Fabled wasted years
A blur of resonance
Spatial circumstance
Sock Hop slow dance
Jim Beam
Teenaged stab at romance
Jimi fucking Hendrix
Captain Zig Zag
Mysterious Sea Hag
Velvet Black Light Posters
Heroes of the day
My foggy
Twisted way
Lighting up with my Professor
Partaking of the herb
Twisting dovetail joints
Exploring deeper points
Mother Nature’s verbs
No need to mention names
Old Shell Road parking lot
Sentimental slipknot
Such silly battles fought
When they called me Billy Ray
Badge of honor
Scarred my bony knees
Sentimental breeze
“Thank you”
“Yes Ma’am”
Shag Carpet burns
Senior Class interns
All eager
To taste the latest cure
Tribal knowledge gained
Righteous times for damn sure
Lava Lamps
Erotic Patchouli
A Pirate Looks at 40
Mr. Buffet’s finest work
Fascinations quirk
Red Dragon perks
I’m just a word man
Not interested in plunder
Only art you see
Sacred poetry
Tongue in cheek soliloquy
Allows me
To simply be
Psychedelic Galaxy
Broadway candlelight
Illusion of youth
I swear to tell the truth
I’m incapable this day
To condone corporate lust
So sue me if you must
Myriad of change
Perhaps I’ve grown a bit deranged
My destiny
I dig spontaneous nothingness
So stumble on I must
In quiet solitude
Melancholy mood
Instinctual aptitude
Not jerked to life by hidden strings
Or shiny, gilded things
My music loudly rings
Such peace and joy it brings
Dear esteemed reader
Take me with a salty grain
I choose not to refrain
From the soapbox I inherit
My credentials
Hide my merit
Moonlit Jubilee
Shores of gentle Fairhope
Creatures of the sea
Advance in droves
Like Biblical
Fishes and loaves
Mystical Showtime
My deepest soul
Origins nomadic
Hardly democratic
I focus on sporadic
In He Dog sized doses
Brain dead scoliosis
Textbook Neurosis
For “crazy” after all
Requires a massive set of balls
To speak of things forbidden
Which intrigue me at my core
The true essence of my call……..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I made a conscious choice
So many moons ago
To exercise my voice
Poetic interlude
Don’t mean to be rude
If the truth offends
So be it
I write
Because I see it
I’m busting at the seams
As nightmares
Turn to dreams……..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2012

Sunday, April 08, 2012


Easter Sunday
My 1st day off in awhile
Suddenly I smile
Hy-Vee Super Store
Surreal burning bush
The spiritual kind
As only Angels bring
Lovely blonde lady
Smiling brightly
Eyes of brilliant blue
Stunning Yellow Sundress
Yes I am impressed
As you circled round again
That you chose me today
Graceful sway
So I would know my way
To your sultry vortex
Sweet anticipation
Mysterious pleasures coming next
I pray we’ll meet again
Somehow I know we will
By the way
I’m Bill………..

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2012

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I AM and i  ISBN# 1-4241-0749-0
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