Sunday, February 08, 2009


Needle skipping wildly
Dust engulfs the stylus
Time to condescend
Shallow laughter
Morphed intelligence
Seems to fade
Crashing in on protocol
To write about it
Makes coherent sense
But then again
Who dictates logic?
My best work
As good as those who comprehend
True enlightenment
Forbidden zone to some
A step closer to heaven
For us who disagree
Clever performance
Fades with rapid listlessness
All eyes on Orion
Or was it idol fever
I marvel at frivolity
Glib response
To social recompense
Modern human intervention
Feeble application
Yet we fail to control the wind
Lone candle
Lights my storied path
So it is
In 2009
God’s mercy
Leaves me weak at times
Melts my macho arrogance
I feel dark advances
Soon you shall be gone
No memory of your visit
The show rambles on
Despite my limp unease

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I dream
I laugh
I argue
I posture
I pretend
So rarely do I break through
Pierce the subliminal veil
That segregates casual and formal
Penetrating bond
Sacred heart connection
Where words aren’t necessary
Sex has no beginning
No melancholy end
Laser eye contact
Probing profound thoughts
Intimate bond unique
To deeply inhale
Her feminine essence
Laying bare my own
Where fashion is nonexistent
Impossible to muster
Reflex melts
Authentic comfort invades
Human vibe is ever focused
The apex of attention
I’ve tasted it in snippets
Various levels of consciousness
Surreal wavelengths
Mystical way the music moves me
Lightning bolts
Dancing down my spine
Man I crave it still
No substitutions for completion
Confidential bliss
It’s all about soul
Such is life as I see it
My search goes on
I wonder if she seeks me too

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Never been afraid of dying
Just the thought of my children crying
Trudging along each day
Seeking significance
Knotted nicely
It’s the drama I despise
Militant mindsets
Lyrical laughter
Low maintenance mirth
Vintage verity
Purely consequential
Life of pain
What’s left of it
After thirty loaded years
Arthritic hip ablaze
Rumors of tumors
Cheating death some believe
Not hardly says I
Merely stalling paradise
Old man dozing
Years flying by him
Lot’s of water under his bridge
I smile with realization
He is me
Simply no worries
As it should be

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2009

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I AM and i  ISBN# 1-4241-0749-0
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